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(10") PP Meltblown Cartridge Filter | True Filters and Membranes

(20") PP Meltblown Cartridge Filter

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Our meltblown filters are proven to remove 99.98% of the contaminants at their micron rating. Woven with a polypropylene resin, this three-leveled filter is ideally suited for pre-RO, resin trap and cooling water application. With it’s strong ability to remove contaminants and suspended substances, this filter yields efficient filtration and long service life.


  • Formed by thermal bond without any binders or adhesives

  • High dirt holding capacity

  • All polypropylene construction

  • Core provides excellent strength

  • Easy and safe cartridge incineration and disposal.


  • Drinking water treatment

  • electronic, industrial water treatment

  • plating

  • chemical solvents

  • pre-RO

  • cooling water


PP Meltblown Cartridge Filter Performance Specifications